Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Meet Amelia!

Most of you probably don't know I was a Prayer Warrior for beautiful, Amelia.    I became her PW (Prayer Warrior) in the mid-later summer of twenty-eleven.   Her precious little face captured my heart the moment I saw it!  I began praying for her & my goal was to make sure she was on the "My Family Found Me" page by the end of her birthday month, September.  Sadly my life got very busy around that time & didn't get many more chances to post more on my personal advocating blog, Saving A Little Life With The Love Of Jesus Christ.   That doesn't mean I didn't keep her in my heart & prayers.

Angel Face, Amelia <3 
Little did I know Amelia's (Lord willing) Forever Family was deciding that SHE was the one that belonged in their arms, IN SEPTEMBER!   What a God thing!    

Patrica is a single mother of three children, I found her through her blog & the two of us have been emailing over the week.  I am SO blessed to have 'met' her!  She is a wonderful woman filled with faith for God!  Personally I couldn't think of ANYONE better for Amelia!    She's going into this adoption trusting in God to provide the  $31,000+ that she will need to adopt Amelia!  Now THAT, is faith!    I want to help this family in the ways that I am able to now!   Will you help me?   

First go "LIKE" their Facebook Page HERE!!!!!!!

And their blog is a MUST see!  Go Follow Right HERE!!!!! (BLOG) 

Please try donating to their fundraiser!   Their goal is to have Amelia home for CHRISTMAS TWENTY-TWELVE!  THIS YEAR!

Let's make it happen!  Spread the word like wild fire!   Don't make Amelia spend ANOTHER birthday in the orphanage!  

Also I can't forget the MOST IMPORTANT thing about all of this that will help a HUGE amount!  PRAY!!!!!!!  With out God, we won't go far..or anywhere at all for that matter,   He can do ANYTHING & makes NO mistakes!  Let's remember to keep God in this journey to rescuing Amelia!

Thank you for taking time to read this post, if only you knew how much this meant to me!  If you have ANY questions at all just email me at Just title it -Kaitlyn- or something like that.  I'm happy to answer or help you out with anything at all!  

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