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"Prayer Project" A Few Precious Faces.

If you haven't already, go take a look at the last post, Because, Prayer is All We Can Do, it will explain more about what I'm talking about in this post.  :)

I'm calling this little thing the "Prayer Project", I'm hoping for at least a few responses from readers out there.  These children need us!  We're their only hope, of someone praying to save them!  We can do it.  God is BIGGER than the horrible cruel orphanages they're stuck in.  We can save them, with the help of God! :)  

I wanted to take a few minutes today to show you a few faces you could save.  Their all from Russia Region 42 I hope you will consider taking one into your own hands to begin praying for.  Make it your goal to pray for one of these children daily.  Because, if it's all you can do, believe me, it will help!  God is powerful!  

Here is precious little, Andrew S. Take a moment & just look into those innocent eyes, glowing, stunning!  The only words I can find to describe how wonderful he is is, precious!  So precious.  His little sad face, just waiting someone to save his little life.  You could be the start of saving his little fragile life!  If you begin to pray for him daily, I bet his life in the orphanage will change!  He might even get adopted!  The possibilities are endless with God & prayers! 

Now just look at this little angel!  Gosh!  Could he get any more beautiful!?  I really don't think so.  When I look into his eyes, I see, sadness, I see a lonely little child who depends on you! His name is, Gleb!  Cute as can be!  Won't you pray for him?  Won't you make him your new goal to pray for daily?  Will you be the change in his life he needs?  Will it be you?

Now if this photo doesn't scream "I'm AFRAID!" then I don't know what does!  Just look, look at her! She's scared to death!  Not to mention her size, it's unreal & horrible!  Someone could change little Daria K. that someone could be, YOU!    What are you waiting for! Type up an email or comment to me & tell me you will begin to pray for her!  & make it your daily goal to help save her!  If you think it won't help, your WRONG!  It will!  God will save!  

What a pretty face!  Such an angel, such a beautiful gift from God!  Put to waste & to die in an orphanage ALL ALONE!  :(   So not right.  So unfair!  We need to save her!  WE CAN SAVE HER!  Oh what a joy it would be to see her on the "My Family Found Me" page on Reece's Rainbow!  Goodness thinking about it makes me overwhelmed with happiness!  Wouldn't you love to be the one to save little innocent, Veronica K. ?  YOU CAN, don't ever think it's impossible!  Nothing is impossible with God! NOTHING :)  Tell me you want to save her!  Do you want to save her?  Start by praying for daily, you'll change her whole world!  You'll be giving her a second chance in life!  Give her what every little princess of God deserves! 

So sad.  Such a beautiful blessings, so unhappy & unloved.  Living to die, basically. How could you look at this picture & then look away with out doing anything?!  Knowing you can do something to help save him! Zarhar L. I cutie, sitting there in that photo, crying "Won't you save me!?  Will you pray for me!?  Help!  Your all I have!"  
Don't look away!  Stay, stay here & help!  If you need help figuring out exactly what to do when you begin to pray, just let me know! Nothing makes me more happy then to know someone wants to help save! :)  NOTHING. :)   E-mail me at or  I'll help you! I'll send you a photo of him, specially made! :) 

Awwweeee!!!  Look!  Just look!  A pure angel face is right there!  What a beautiful blond headed beauty! Olga A. could be your new little goal!  She could be the thing you hope to help save with prayer!  Don't let anything stop you from saving her!  You can do it!  Nothing's stopping you!!!   Promise to her, that you'll save her with prayer or anyway you can!   E-mail or comment on the post, that you want to begin praying for Olga & I will send you a special photo that you can use to share with everyone to start praying for her!  Wouldn't you love to see her with a forever family, making her smile & feel the love she's never EVER felt before in her life?!    Tell me you do, tell me you want to help save her. 

I can't beg enough & can't stress to you all enough how much help these children NEED!!!  They're in danger!  Don't let them die so young in an orphanage!  Help save them!  Help by praying!  You can do it!  YOU CAN DO IT!!! 

I'll help you out anyway possible that I can!  I'll encourage you!  No matter how young, or how old you are you can help save them!  :)  Isn't that wonderful!   

I really don't know would have the nerve to read this post & shut this page with out requesting to start praying for a child, or region!  I can't even imagine who would do that. 

There's more information about the kids on Make sure you read it!  I'll be sharing more children from Russia Region 42 in a little while! :)  I won't stop until I've found a prayer warrior for each child on that page!  I won't!  Giving up isn't an option! :)  It isn't! :) 

COMMENT OR E-Mail ME @ or  to request for a photo, help, questions or ANYTHING AT ALL.  Don't be afraid! :)  

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  1. Thank you for this, Kaitlyn. I have 4 children from Reese's Rainbow, and also some foster children here in the U.S. that I pray for regularly. I know that God will move if we pray.


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