Monday, January 23, 2012

Random ramblings of Alyssa

I'm super excited for the "Livvy Mae Giveaway!" I cannot wait to get the post up, so everyone can see all of the prizes that have been donated but fantastic people! :)  I would love to be able to raise as much money as possible for this family! They most certainly deserve it, & so does Livvy Mae.  On another note, the Rainbow Of Hope team has a couple little ones in mind, that the blog might become a warrior for ;)  Can't wait to announce that as well!

A certain little one though that God has laid on my heart is Alexander, a precious boy who is getting ready to turn 5 in Feb. which for him doesn't mean a birthday cake, hugs, kisses, & presents but instead getting transferred to an adult mental institution.  This is very scary for any child at all, because it is most certainly not where any child deserves much-less should ever be put.  The reason it scares me so much for Alexander is because is health has already been declining...& you can see the difference in the pictures of him.  When he is sent to a mental institution, his health will become 10x worse.  Most children wont survive their first year there.  So what I ask of you is to help me rally for Alexander, & save him from life in an institution.  Will you help?  He has an $11,000 dollar grant....Take him home?


  1. You sweet Angel Girls are true gifts sent from the heavens! We will never forget!!!

  2. Awe! Thank you so much! :D We are super duper glad to be helping you guys get your little girl home! -Alyssa


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