Wednesday, September 26, 2012

We Are Their Voice

There was a beautiful, breath taking little girl named Margaret on Reece's Rainbow.  She always stood out to me (Kaitlyn) personally.  I wanted to help here find a family.  She was so innocent and just precious.  I showed her to my little sister, Madison (13) and she too fell madly in love with the little girl.  She decided to become an unofficial Prayer Warrior for Margaret.  We had her picture printed out just a couple months ago, and hung in our room.  Even though she was Madison's baby, I still prayed for her often.  

On September 19th that nightmare that every single orphan lovers have, came to life.  As Alyssa posted on my wall, then texted, tweeted and messaged me to check the latest post of hers on my wall.  She didn't tell me what it was about. But I think that deep inside, I knew.  I knew exactly what it was. I just didn't know who.  

I waited to check my wall for what seemed like forever, which was only just several minutes, I found a little bit of courage to check it out.  As soon as I read the words, my heart shattered into a million little pieces. 

 I read that precious little girl Margaret had gone to heaven to be with Jesus.

Telling my little sister the news was literally the hardest thing I've ever had to tell her.  It was instant tears.  She was so heart broken by the news. We cried together.  

Suddenly that tiny bundle of joy we prayed so hard for, and loved for so long had passed away.  
Gone within the blink of an eye.  As if she never existed.   She never ever felt true love once in her little bitty life time!  It makes me sick, sad, just CONFUSED!  I can't understand why more people can't care about these precious little orphans with Down syndrome (and other disabilities.)!?  

How many orphans lives have to be lost before someone wakes up and realizes WE ARE THEIR VOICE?

We as Christians have a mission.  I understand not everyone shares the same passion for this like I do, but God told us to help protect and save HIS CHILDREN.  And as Christians we need to do more than just call ourselves Christians. We need to do as our name means.  Go out to the world and live as CHRIST did.  Care about ALL the children in the world.  Especially those with no parents. 

God is still there for them, and yes, HE HAS A REASON FOR EVERYTHING, but that gives us no excuse to sit around and do nothing about what He's told us to do.  

I'm not trying to get ugly, or mean here, but I'm just so mad at the way we live sometimes.  

Just think if one of the orphans you see was your son, daughter, brother, sister, etc, just dying in a stinking old orphanage where no one really cares about them.  They get such little food to eat, and drinks to drink. They are thrown in different gender clothing.  They literally live in a crib.  Oh and if that isn't bad enough, they are put in an ADULT MENTAL INSTITUTION by AGE 4 or 5!  

They have sixteen short years to find a family, before getting about a small amount of cash and thrown out onto the streets for the fist time in their lives and sixteen long long years to try and survive in the orphanage and mental institution.  
(Places like this are located overseas in foreign countries) 

If the whole world, or even just half got together and spoke up for these kids, oh my word what a big change we could make!  That number of 147 MILLION orphans would seriously decrease. BIG TIME.  

We would be like super hero's! Or angels! SAVING LITTLE LIVES!!!  How outstanding and wonderful is that?!  It's amazing!  The thought always brings happy tears to my eyes!  

Those kids can't get online, pick up a phone, go out to the streets, and speak their names.  BUT WE CAN.  Do you see it now?  


They depend on people like you.  Yes you!  Reading this.   You can be a hero.  You can save a life. Doing sooo many different things to help.  

I hope this post will spread across the country like a wildfire in a dry summer!  
I'm praying that God will speak to every person who reads this and that maybe you'll take the chance to do something good for these orphans!  

If you need help coming up with idea's or anything! I don't care what it is, just email me @ just title it Kaitlyn so I know it's from this post.  :)
I'll help you any way I can.  With anything to help save these kids.

No more orphans dying!  MORE LAUGHTER AND HAPPINESS! <3 :)  
You know you agree with me!  So copy this link, and go paste it on you any social media site!  You've made a change already! ;)

RIP Margaret...we loved you when you thought no one did.  We're so happy you are no longer suffering but now laughing and smiling in the arms of Jesus.  WE LOVE YOU BABY! -4Girls4Christ

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