Thursday, September 27, 2012

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Orphan of the Day

A pretty orphan, Summer. :) 
We're starting up something new!  Each day we'll two special orphans to the world through a blog post! :)   One of the orphans will be a boy, and the other a girl!

The reason for this is to help orphans find their forever families, obviously, but to focus on two special kids each day.  That way you can get to know even more about the orphan than if we just shared them on our Facebook page.

We're excited to do this with you so please follow us or submit your email to us so you can stay tuned to our blog! :)

Christmas Warrior Giveaway 

Orphan girl, Tabitha.

Alyssa is the official Christmas warrior for a gorgeous little girl named Novella and Kaitlyn is an official Christmas Warrior for Tabitha.  Each girl has a goal of finding that child a forever family for Christmas, (WHAT A BEAUTIFUL GIFT!), and they also have a goal of raising $1,000 for EACH orphan, that's $2,000.  For two sixteen year old girls whom are jobless, it's a big mission.  But their confident that God will provide for them.  

They are currently looking for items for donations for the giveaway that will open in the early beginning of November.  

If you are interested in helping them PLEASE VISIT CLICK HERE

Kaitlyn's Cute Designs

Kaitlyn has a new small business going on,  With 100% of the profit going to little Lina's adoption grant.  She has gotten a good bit of customers since she started just a couple months ago.  And loves what she's doing. It would mean a lot to her if you would "Like" her Facebook Page and follow her blog, Kaitlyn's Cute Designs.  

She makes custom blog designs, Facebook timeline covers, blog banners, blog buttons, signatures/logos and more! So please visit! 

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