Sunday, September 9, 2012

Too Many

As I sit here holding my sleeping baby brother who isn't even a week old yet, so many thoughts go through my head.  I wonder how a mom can give birth to a baby like Oliver (My little brother) and give it up as if it weren't her child.   The second Oliver was born my mom, dad & I were in tears.  He was and still is absolutely beautiful.  We are all so in love.

There is a hormone that is released in a woman's body when her child is born it creates an instant bond, between her & her new baby.  When I learned this it got me thinking.  When a mom makes the choice to give her child up at birth does she just make it look easy? or as if she is really disgusted by this child?  Because I think we all know that inside her heart is breaking & she is being torn to pieces.  Now you might be thinking "why feel bad for her it was her choice?" Although it was ultimately her choice in the end, she was pressured into it by society.  Now I'm not talking about your average child, but one with any type of special need.   When others find out that the child you will be welcoming into this world isn't "Perfect"  And will have a "Horrible" life they will highly encourage & suggest that you give up the "Burden".  But what they don't know is how much of a blessing the child will be.  

The mom will be pressured into giving her child up, all to be excepted by this broken world.  When inside she is dying to love this child that is so unwanted by the world.   This is just another reason to become aware of ALL the special needs, & to be an encouragement to the moms out there that will be pressured into giving this child up.  There are 147 Million orphans in this world which is FAR to many.  Some kids are orphans because there parents couldn't care for them & wanted a better life for them...And others all because others negative opinions got to the moms head & convinced her that giving up the child was the right choice.

Now don't get me wrong I am ALL for adopting children to give them loving families & hopeful futures that they deserve.  But as I stated above there should not be 147 MILLION orphans.   That is 147 million first steps that were missed, 147 million first birthdays that were missed,  147 million kids that have never heard the words "I love you", 147 million kids that don't now the love of a family, 147 million kids that have never been kissed or hugged.  Be encouraging & uplifting to someone that is expecting a child with special needs, not negative & discouraging.   Lets be a light to this horribly broken & lost world.  Together we can change this.  Join with us <3

Change the world with us!


  1. Thank you Alyssa. I love your words and totally agree. I experienced this when a doctor tried to get me to give up my first baby born with special needs. Then when I was five months along with my youngest, we found out she had the same disability. The doctor recommended abortion. Today, they are beautiful adult women who make the world and amazing place for so many. Thank you for opening the conversation on such an important topic.

  2. I'm glad I could do so! :) I love it when I can bless someone! -Alyssa


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