Thursday, September 20, 2012

His Name Is Archie...

"I've stood alone a million times
That's not the same as being alone
I've felt ignored, and left behind before
But that's not the same as being disowned
Open my eyes, and help me see that there's a world outside of me
I'm no different, I want to make a difference tonight
The words don't always come out right
And I don't normally cry
But you didn't see the look in her eyes
I've been shaken
From my head, on down to my toes
Lord use me, take me where you want me to go
I can't help it, my heart has been replaced with a face
I'm ready, these hands are dedicated to change
I've hurt before, but held inside
I've seen their tears, 'cause pain is something they can't hide
What makes us different?
We have a chance to listen tonight"

This song....plays over, and over, and over again in my head.  Today when I listened to it there was a little face that stayed right in the front of my mind.  Blocking all other thoughts, Archie sat in my mind.  As I thought of is horrible fate, that has been decided for him.  You see the thing is...Archie doesn't get to turn 5 and go to kindergarten,  he doesn't get a 5th birthday, he doesn't get anything but basically a death sentence.  I didn't want to type this sentence because I'm trying my hardest to believe it's not true... but in reality it is, Archie's chances of surviving his first year at an institution are slim to none.   I have been alive and living for 16 years, I have NO CLUE what it feels like to be unloved, hated, unwanted, truly scared, forgotten, abandon,  so many feelings. Yet a little boy 12 years younger then me has felt ALL of these. 

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Think about Archie and help us save him!  Be the voice that finds his momma! 

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