Friday, September 28, 2012

Orphan of the Day #1

It's Friday 28th, September 2012!  The first day of our "Orphan of the Day" project!  



Today's little precious orphan boy is cutie pie, Declan!  He's a Newly Listed orphan on Reece's Rainbow!  And couldn't be more adorable if he tried!   He NEEDS a family AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  He literally looks like a doll baby!!  Since He's new I'll post his Reece's Rainbow profile on here to let you learn more about him. 

Boy, born March 2012
Down syndrome, Open aortic valve, Hirschsprung disease

They don’t come much sweeter than this little guy — look at those HUGE eyes, and that wispy red hair!  What a doll!!
Sweetie needs a family ASAP, for his many medical needs.
Large families welcome, travel required.  Married couples only.




Meet Veronica everyone!!  She's so tiny and super duper cute!  She'll be two in January and is STILL LIVING IN A ORPHANAGE How wrong is that?!   I think you and me both can agree on one thing!  Anyone would be very blessed to have Veronica as their daughter!  Look how fragile she is.  She's so kissable!  And hungry for the perfect amount of attention.  

Please COPY and PASTE this link and share it onto you FACEBOOK, TWITTER, EMAIL, GOOGLE+ ANYTHING! 

You would never imagine how sharing this will help Veronica!  Your share might lead the right person to commit to adopting her!   And you know what that means?!  

YOU SAVED A LIFE, for real! :)  :) :) :)  :)  

If you have any questions please send us an email @  
We'll reply to you ASAP :)

You can find both these gorgeous orphans on this website by clicking RIGHT HERE

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