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Orphan of the Day #2

Here is our orphan of the day post number two!   We're so excited to share with you these two cuties!

Both of these kids share more than just being an orphan in common!  They were both once on the "My Family Found Me" page on Reece's Rainbow.   And are looking for a new hope as they both lost their families.   Please be sure to share this! :)

Our little boy of the day is...


Micah is oh so sweet!  He was once listed on MFFM (My family found me page on RR) And is now newly re-listed.  He is TOO CUTE to go to waste!  He was born in 2010.   To learn more read from his profile on Reece's Rainbow right here on our blog today!  :)  Just look below! 

By the way...Micah has $0 towards his adoption grant so if you have some extra cash today, maybe you could consider donating to his grant? Just CLICK HERE. ;)

DOB: 2010
Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Micah has Down syndrome, but is otherwise physically healthy. He had heart surgery in 2011 to correct an AV canal defect.  Isn’t he darling!?  
His most recent developmental report is from January 2012. At that time, he was “Army crawling” to get around on the floor and able to get around in a walker. He reaches for toys and desired objects and will hold on to them for long periods of time. He plays with toys, transfers them from hand to hand, shakes them and puts them in his mouth. He maintains eye contact and interacts readily with adults. He understands what is said to him and follows some simple directions such as “give me your hand”. He is starting to babble and say repetative syllables such as “ba, ba, ba”. He smiles at familiar people, gives hugs and enjoys being cuddled.


And are fabulous little girl orphan of the day is....


Charity was re-listed on Reece's Rainbow.  Our Alyssa is madly in love with this little one 
and thinks the world of her.  And it isn't hard to see why!  Charity is an angel!  Her face is angelic.  She was born September 2008, so that would mean she turned  four years old this year!!  Sad news is she's still living in an orphanage! :'(  With no one to celebrate with her.  Just another year lonely.  Never knowing the feeling of love.  

Here's her profile from Reece's Rainbow

Girl, Born September 2008
What a munchkin!  Big brown eyes :)    More photos available.  Charity is a beautiful girl with Down syndrome.  She was born with a heart condition, but has had corrective surgery and is healthy and doing well now.
Charity is independent, impulsive and assertive.  Charity would do great as the youngest child, so she has lots of attention and love from older siblings!
Update from a family who met her in Aug 2012:
Charity is probably the most “typical” child with Down Syndrome that I’ve met. She has a HUGE personality and is VERY affectionate and loving. She is resilient, as she falls down pretty easily since only walking for a short time, but gets right back up, literally dusts herself off and moves on. She LOVES new clothes and can dress herself. The minute she sees a new item of clothing, she starts to strip before you can pull it out of the bag! She has a hard time expressing herself appropriately. She can get agitated easily if things aren’t her way, or if you take something from her. But we believe that is just part of her age and also living in an orphanage all her life….she has nothing to call her own. When she gets excited, she tends to slap in the face, but not out of anger. She can be redirected pretty easily if you have patience and teach her more appropriate ways to express her excitement. She also shows signs of being potty trained as she can “clean herself”. She learns VERY quickly and was able to learn a few English sign language signs in a matter of a few days, with appropriate context. We believe that Charity will do great in a learning environment, home-school and/or outside schooling. She seems to be very bright and needs to be challenged. She will need to be worked with on feeding. As most children her age that live in orphanages, they tend to hoard and gorge themselves, but this can be corrected with feeding therapies and time at home. Charity is a spunky little girl with a very funny disposition. She would make a wonderful daughter and a very fun sibling.
Charity has an additional grant of $3200 for her in-country fees.

I can't thank you enough for taking some time to look at these two cute kids!  You can help them find their forever families by coping & pasting the link of this post to any (or all ;) ) of your social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, email, etc, and you are really increasing their chances of getting adopted!  
Also pray for these two kids, Micah & Charity.  God has these two kids in His hands.  And He's listening to our every prayer.  These two do matter and do have a special reason in life.  
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