Friday, February 10, 2012

"I Was Adopted" Essay by Denzell U.

Our team "met" a teenage guy who is one of the twelve adopted in his family.  He has an amazing story that I felt we should share with everyone!    I personally think it is awesome! :)   I've gotten several chances to talk with him & his mother.  They are wonderful people with BIG hearts for orphans!

Please take time to read this essay, Denzell wrote & shared.

"I Was Adopted"
        By Denzell Unroe

"In my family adoption has been the most common way to build, a family. My parents love adoption so much that they have adopted twelve times, with a total of twelve kids being adopted. I was adopted at the age of eight, along with my sister, Unique. The joy that struck me when I was adopted was just amazing! From that day on, I knew that getting adopted was probably going to be one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me.
Experiencing a feeling like this is one of the many affects that a child could have if he or she knew that they have been adopted. Though this child wouldn't be the only one who experienced this feeling, the entire family would. Because they know that the child is happy that they have a home and a family that loves them. This is the most prevalent reason why my parents adopt and to why they have adopted so many.
My house may seem like its a bit crazy because of the twelve kids and not to mention the one that's biological. Though really its not all that crazy, it's actually quite calm, even with twelve other kids running around. All it basically means is that they're getting along pretty well, which could be a shocker at times! That's one of the joys of adopting and having as many kids as my parents do.
This is why I think that everyone should adopt at least once, if not five to ten times like my parents. All you have to do is just give it one try and then if things don't work out the way you thought, at least you can say that you tried. Really, I think that once you've already experienced adoption you'll want to continue, because you'll find that it is a blessing, just like my parents did. Adoption can change everyone's life.

* So for those of you who have never adopted, I urge you to "hypothetically", excavate into adoption. I recommend you go to the Reece's Rainbow-Down Syndrome Adoption Ministry website to see some of the most precious angels, waiting to be adopted. You can find out more a  "

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