Thursday, February 9, 2012

You Haven't LIVED Until...

You've probably used the "You haven't lived until.." thing a time or two before.  Maybe someone has even said that to you?   Most of the time people ask me if I've watched one of the latest teen rage movies such as 'Twilight' or 'Harry Potter" or something like that, and my answer is simply, no.  Then they go "OH MY WORD, YOU HAVEN'T LIVED UNTIL YOU'VE WATCHED IT"  Or something like that.  Personally I'm not a huge movie fan, I can't sit still for that long, I'm more active for sure.  But that's just me & I'm pretty "odd", ha ha! :)  

I know there is one thing I can honestly say that I feel like I can completely say "You haven't LIVED until, you have GIVEN YOURSELF away."   I know it probably sounds insane, at least to some it may.  

What I mean is give your life to God!  He did create you!  He wants you to be His hands & feet, & serve Him in the ways you can.  

It doesn't mean God wants you to stop every single thing in your life but to give yourself up to Him!  If you haven't already, ask Him into your heart!  Become saved He sent HIS SON to DIE for YOU & I, all of us sinners.  He REALLY LOVES you, more than ANYONE else could possibly EVER!   That's God. :)  

As a sixteen year old I realize that there isn't very much I can 'do', because I don't have a job or whatever the reasons might be standing in my way.  And just two years ago I thought there was NOTHING I could do at my young age.  Boy was I wrong!  God showed me that He could still use me in the ways that I was able to help.  

For example, I enjoy 'writing' as far as typing wise. What better thing to do than start blogging about children that lives DEPEND on people's sharing of them.  I learned I can speak for those who are not able to.  Such as the Reece's Rainbow children!  I thank God He led me to them!  HE HAS A REASON FOR IT! <3 

Maybe that isn't what you feel is right for you?  Maybe you aren't comfortable writing things to the public.  And if so that's totally fine!  We weren't all made to like the same thing, & I think God knows that, He has a special calling for everyone in life I believe.  He TRULY called me to these orphans.  In His own way, I can't even begin to express how thankful I am that I listened to His calling to me!   After that I stop & listen to God more than I ever have before!  You will NEVER regret giving yourself to God!  Never!  Open your eyes, ears & heart to God's calling to you!  See how you can make a difference & spread His love like a wild fire out of control! :)

So that's why I can honestly say, You haven't LIVED until, you give yourself  to God!

Thank you for taking time to read my little post.  I felt that I needed to write it, sorry if it's a bit rambled.  I tend to do that a lot.  Ha ha! :)  IF you have any questions at all please send me an email to or my personal email which can be found in the 'Meet the Member's' section.  :)   I'm happy to help you with anything I can! :) 

Please never turn away from God's calling, always reply! :)

P.S. Sorry for any mistakes, I'm sure I made some, it was close to midnight & I was tired. (:

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