Friday, February 24, 2012

Updates & Requests

Hey, Kaitlyn here! :)   Haven't wrote a post on here for a little while now.  Busy getting ready for my baby sister who's due the end of March, Lord willing.  It'll be number 14 in my family, yes, I am the eldest.  I love my mother & father dearly, along with my 12 siblings. :)

Anyways, I wanted to mention you've probably noticed that we're ALMOST half way to our goal of $2,000 for the Herrington family!  Of course by now you're probably aware that the money raised will all go to the last bit of adoption costs for Livvy Mae!   It's so exciting to see how the four of us girls, Alyssa, Rachel, Sam & I, have helped bless someone SO BIG!  But let's be honest we would have gotten NO WHERE if it wasn't for the good Lord watching us & our fundraiser!  Along with all of the incredible people who've donated their time, money or prize items to our giveaway!

As of now the giveaway will end March 15th. Plenty of time for all the later people to donate if they'd like! We're praying to reach our goal of $2,000!  It would be a dream come true of not only the Herrington family, Livvy Mae & us 4Girls4Christ!  With out a doubt God has blessed our "little" page & blog further than we ever imagined He would!  In more ways then can be explained! :)  We're truly blessed!

We're at an awesome 1,073 "LIKES" on our Facebook fanpage, our goal is to raise 1,100 by the at least the end of February!   The reason we want to expand our page "likes" is to spread the word & awareness of orphan children with Down syndrome.  To show the world you can make a change.   More importantly to spread the love of Jesus Christ to others!  It would be such a great blessing & awesome thing to reach above our goal, somehow.

Do you have any idea how we could raise our "Likes"/Followers?  If you do, please email me your idea @ we'd be SO GRATEFUL to hear from your idea to help us out!  It means a lot!

Also Alyssa posted on our Facebook page that it still wasn't too late to enter an item you'd like to donate into our giveaway! Which is true!   If you've got an item you can email us the details (or questions) to

Hoping you all have a fabulous weekend filled with smiles & blessings!

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