Saturday, February 8, 2014

Unlocking Lyubov

Welcome to Unlocking Lyubov page!  I'm Kaitlyn and my passion country is Ukraine.  And you might be a little puzzled by the name of my project, but lyubov means love in Ukrainian.  In English the name is Unlocking Love.   I absolutely love the name of my project, because I feel it describes my mission perfectly!  I want to unlock love for the orphans in Ukraine, also known as "Ukraine's forgotten children".
I have advocated for several orphans in this country, though I cannot say whom for privacy purposes.

My heart is lost somewhere in Ukraine with the many beautiful children.   There is just something about those kids that makes me melt.  I love and adore everything about them and would one day love to take a missions trip there if it's God's will.   They are precious little gems in my eyes that God has put on my heart and in my life for a special reason, I believe.   I see their full potential and have a desire to help bless them in any way I am able to.

I am still putting together details for my Unlocking Lyubov project, but I'll have everything up ASAP.

So I hope that you will please check back soon and take this journey with me. :)

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