Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Reece's Rainbow | Child of the Day, Camille!

Chosen to Bless has decided to begin sharing an orphan everyday listed on Reece's Rainbow!

Today is my (Kaitlyn) to pick our child of the day!  And her name would be.....


This cutie is so overlooked!  And needs a forever family to find her FAST!  

Reec  e's Rainbow information on Camille: 

Girl, Born June 4, 2007
Camille is a beautiful girl who deserves a life outside of this crib!  She is diagnosed with hydrocephaly and CP.    She has a precious smile (please inquire for more photos) and a will to survive and THRIVE!
From her medical records:  hydrocephaly, symptomatic epilepsy, deep mental delay, kidny development pathology, extra right kidney, partical otrophy of vision nerve, flat feet

Isn't she precious?  I think YES!   I know there is someone out there that wants a beautiful little princess of their own.  She could be the one you call your daughter!  

God doesn't make mistakes, and I know that He made Camille for a special purpose in life!  She has so much potential!   I can see her with her forever family holding her tight now. <3  

If you would like to make a donation towards Camille's adoption fund please CLICK HERE
Let's help her reach $5,000 soon!!! :) 

Thank you so much for reading! 

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