Thursday, February 27, 2014

It All Starts With One

Ever see someone with an over flowing passion, for an injustice?  And when that person talked about their passion for that injustice, their eyes lit up?  Face glowing, and you could just tell that they wanted to spend their life time ending/fighting for that injustice?  It's a beautiful thing. Those people are beautiful people.  They are also very few and far between.

I think that everyone has something that ignites there heart, and fills them with an un-explainable urge to get up and do something.  For me it's the orphan crisis.  It truly makes my heart ache, knowing that there are kids, who have never known love. It sounds so simple, and you've probably heard that before, but it's true. It's reality.   The human body, mind, and soul, craves, love and human affection.  It's this deep, void, that can't be filled with anything other than love.   Love is a necessity for life.

My heart jumps, literally, at any chance to love the least of these.  Whether I'm advocating for an adopting family, or shouting for a waiting kiddo, my heart becomes excited at the idea, that I can provide even the *smallest* bit of love, to someone who's never known love.

But it's not always easy to follow, or take part in whatever ignites your heart.  There are so many people out there, that will do everything in their power to discourage you from making change.  You'll hear things like "You're too young."  or "You can't do that on your own." or "What's the point?  No one is going to pay attention anyways."  and if you allow those things to get to your head, you'll believe them, and you will never make change.  Which is why it's critical that when people shove those things in your face, you turn around and say "Watch me. Watch me, make change.  Watch me, do things that you never had the courage to do." (In a nice respectful way, of course. ;) ) Because otherwise, you might become on of  *those* people, the ones who do everything in their power to discourage you from your passion, because they were never brave, or courageous enough to take charge and fight.

It wont be easy.  At times you will feel like giving up is the best option,  you will feel like you are being ignored, or like your attempts come across as "annoying" to those around you, but those are just negative thoughts that don't want to see you succeed.  Push past those thoughts, throw them away, remind yourself why you started to fight in the first place.  Find that passion, and re-ignite your fire, because it is worth it.  

So you have a passion, or there is an injustice that tugs at your heart but you don't know how to help, or make change.  Start a blog, do research and get the facts, write a blog post, or share the facts with your friends.  Hold a fundraiser, make a flier, write a news article and submit it to your local newspaper. There are hundreds of ways that you, can make a difference.

Every movement starts with one person. 

Every great organization, starts with one thought, one willing individual, one minute of insane courage. 

 It all starts with you

So, what are you going to do about your passion?  What injustice, will you fight for?  Will you take charge, and make change? 

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