Friday, February 28, 2014

"My" Girls

Hi everyone!  It's Kaitlyn here!  I realized that I haven't officially introduced you to "my" precious little girls!
These two little girls have stole my heart, and I'm not sure that I will ever get it back!  They are both absolutely glowing and need forever families to come to their rescue.  
Vera (2)

Peggy, (10 months)

How cute are they?!  They are going to make perfect daughters to some special families.  
Both princesses have so much potential that I pray the rest of the world will see.   

My mom has done so much for me and my advocating since the beginning 3-4 years ago.  She's helped in every way she possibly could and to thank her for all her amazing support I requested that she chose the next child I advocate for once Mick had found his forever family.  She was thrilled to have the opportunity and gladly accepted my offer.   She scanned through the children listed on, but after a while of searching there was one child still tugging at her heart and lingering in her mind,    "It's her facial expressions!  She's just precious"  and to state the obvious, that child was Vera. :)   She needs a family to give her all the love and care that every little princess deserves and needs to bloom.   

Now I had no intention advocating for two children at once.  Not unless I felt that God had put the right child on my heart.  I like to stay committed to one special child at a time.  That was my plan anyway... 
God said differently though, when a few days after committing to Vera came along precious baby, Peggy. 
Alyssa tagged me in a post on a Facebook group, just moments after they had listed her on RR.  
Instantly my heart melted and I was in love.  She has so many medical needs that are causing her so much pain and she needs a mommy and daddy FAST!   She needs the love to blossom and grow.  

It absolutely kills me to know that both these little angels are rotting away in a place where no human deserves to be.   It brings me to tears just thinking of how no one has ever told them how incredibly beautiful they truly are.  They need to be held, hugged and kissed.  They need proper care, appealing food and a warm soft, safe place to rest their tiny innocent heads at night.  They need a loving father to scoop them into their arms and wipe away their tears when they have nightmares and can't sleep.  They need a kind sweet mother that will kiss their boo boos and tell them it will be okay because she's there to care for her.  
That's what little girls needs to grow.  They don't DESERVE to be in an orphanage where you eat disgusting mush, tied to crib, barely getting changed, and NO LOVE.  

These children live and face things most of us couldn't handle.  They get up every morning on their tough bed, and do the same thing every single day of their lives.  Just wondering when it's there turn to escape.  Wondering what's really behind those doors and out those windows.   

I didn't mean to ramble and rant on and on.  But what I said is truthful and needs to be heard.  No matter how hard it is to say or write.   When you become so close to the children you advocate for you begin to have a special relationship that's indescribable and you'd do anything to save them.   
I always think of what I would want someone to write about if I were in their place.  

If you would like to see updates an more posts about Vera and Peggy please follow or subscribe to my new advocacy blog, Unlocking Lyubov.  I would love to have you join!  I currently don't have too many Vera and Peggy fans, so you'd be a huge encouragement.  :)

Thank you so much for taking time to read!  

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