Sunday, January 27, 2013

Valentine's Day Sweetest Photo Contest

Alyssa and I were talking to each other through Skype the other night and we wanted to do something special for Valentines day.  A fundraiser that was sweet and short.  Together we came up with the idea of a "Sweetest Photo Contest" for Valentines day.

Here's how it works!  

If you have or are related to a child with special needs such as Down syndrome and etc, then you can enter!  

$5 per child and one photo entry.  

Ages are from 0 months- 10 years old can enter.  

Send us a photo @

Send the sweetest photo you have of your little one with special needs, be sure to tell us the name of the child and give us your email too. (For us to contact to you. :) ) 

We will have "CHIPIN" button of the side of our blog that will say "Photo Contest" or something close to it.  Send us your child's photo via email and then donate the $5 to the CHIPIN! 

We will post the photos on our Facebook page along with the child's first name.  Which ever child's photo has the more "Likes" (Also known as "thumbs up") will WIN the prize that will be announced later on.  So be sure share your photo with your friends! :) 

**NOTE:  Please only send us photos that do not have a copyright on them.  So no professional photos please!** 

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