Monday, January 28, 2013

Where He Doesn't Belong

I'm clenching my jaw, my heart is beating fast, and I am tense.  Tonight before I opened Reece's Rainbow, I had an older boy on my heart, but that was it.  Just the words "Older Boy" were on my heart.  No face. No name.  I prayed and said God please show me him. I opened the site, and went to the HIV+ 6-9 thinking I might find him.  I didn't.  I switched over to my Facebook to find that I had a message from a mom, that I had talked with a bit earlier.  She was sending me pictures and videos, of a boy that she loves so dearly, and would love to see him in a family.   His name is Jason.  I had passed over this sweet boy, on Reece's Rainbow many times before.  But he never stood out to me. I saw him and I knew his face but I didn't know him. I didn't know his story or what his life was like.   That quickly changed.

The mama sent me many photos, as well as many videos.  As I sat and clicked through the photos and read the messages full of things about this boy, I felt my heart slowly growing attached.  I felt my heart start to ache.  As she sent me links to videos of this boy, I started watching them, and reading more about him.  My heart was slowly breaking, and attaching to him.

I filled with anger, and sadness as she told me he spends most of his time locked in a crib, and tied down.   I watched the many videos, and I chatted with her.  I knew this was the boy God put on my heart.  I knew he was the one that I would help rescue.  I knew he was the one, because I sit here and type this with eyes filled with tears.  I just knew.   I messaged Kaitlyn and said "We need to help this boy." I sent her the videos, and with in minutes she replied back and said "I want to be a part of his story."  I couldn't help but repeat the words "He is in a crib.  Tied to it.  He is 10.  And in a crib."  It's not right.  He cannot continue to live like this.  He just can't.

The marks on the side of his head are from him banging his head on the side of the crib.  It's called self stimulation.  He has been left alone for so long that he rocks, and self abuses just to feel something.  In many of the videos he will use his hand and rapidly hit the side of the crib, or the floor.  He does anything to feel alive, right now this sweet boy is merely existing   He isn't living, because he has been forgotten.  He has no life outside of that crib.  He has been tucked away into the dark corners of the world, and left to die.  He is not worthy of life in his country.   He isn't loved, or wanted.

Do you see that smile?  Do you see that Jason has not given up hope?  Do you see that he is waiting for a family to choose him?  Do you see the sparkle in Jason's eyes?  Do you see what I see?  A little boy full of life, just waiting to blossom and be loved.  He is waiting for someone to take a step in faith and come to his rescue.  Jason turns 10 on April 10th.  He doesn't looks 10 does he?  Well he is.  That is 10 first birthdays that went un-noticed.  That is 10 first Christmas' that he can never get back.  10 years of his life spent locked away, in a place where he doesn't belong.  Please help Kaitlyn, and I make this Jason's last birthday alone. This time next year, I want him in a family, being loved and cherished.  Forever and ever.

With God by our side, nothing can stop us or prevent us from finding this boy his family.

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