Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Give a Little Thanks.

So here we are, only a few short days until the big, Thanksgiving day is upon us.  Almost everyone has a giant turkey in their fridge, & a crock pot full of something delicious to eat.   Friends and family from all over are in town to visit, or else your traveling to visit them.
Most of us are getting so caught up in all this, we're forgetting, the precious little children in the orphanages, that have, no giant meal to feed their ever so hungry little bellies, or no family to spend be with, to make them laugh or feel safe.  They'll still be in the same place they are in for pretty much 365 days a year, until they're hopeful family comes to their rescue.    I personally have SO much to be thankful for!  So much that I take for granted.  Like, my family. My family is amazing, I have two wonderful godly parents, eight little brothers & four little sisters!  God blessed me so big, yet most times I totally over look it all.  They always have my back, & I'm SO happy I get to spend my holidays with them!  To think about all the poor little angels in the orphanages all alone with not very much to be thankful for, it breaks my heart!

This thanksgiving I encourage you to give God some extra "thanks!" for all He's blessed you with!  And take a few minutes to pray for the orphans at Reece's Rainbow and all the other people hungry & homeless this Thanksgiving.

Please give even just 2 dollars to the "Angela's Time to Shine" fundraiser & share it with all the people you can!  It's almost over & we need you to pray & donate so that we can get this little angel home to her family!  So that next year she's celebrating happily with the Dellevoet's, not in a cold forgotten orphanage.

Now I'd like to take a moment to say a personal "Thanks" to you!  The members of John 14:18 never could've gotten this far with out you!  We're very grateful for all of those of you who have donated, "LIKED" us on Facebook, prayed, shared & so many other things!   You are what makes this possible.  We're so blessed to have gotten so many followers & fans.   If it's God's will we hope to raise more "likes" & followers!  To spread the word of the many little orphans alone on all these wonderful holidays.

Once again, thank you!  And I wish you a amazing Thanksgiving!   God bless you all!

-Kaitlyn S.

Need to contact us?  E-mail Kate2blue@gmail.com (It's Kaitlyn's email.)
Try PrayerwarriorsofGod@hotmail,com (We don't always respond sometimes.)

"E-mail us anytime! We're happy to help."
- Sam, Kaitlyn, Alyssa, Rachel

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