Monday, November 28, 2011

And The Winners Are...

Hey everyone!  It's the finally here, the giveaway for the month of October/November has came to an end.  We raised a total of $87, that may not sound like ever much but, it is compared to the amount we had just a few days ago when we were stuck on $22.  We would have loved to reach our goal of $100, but, it wasn't in God's will.  We're happy & blessed to announce we reached close to $100, we raise $87 for the "Angela's Time to Shine" giveaway to the Dellevoet family, to help bring their precious little angel, Angela.

First of all I want to thank God for giving us the chance to do this fundraiser & raise the money we did for the "Angela's Time to Shine" giveaway!!  Second, I want to thank The amazing businesses & people who donated their time & money to donate prizes, or money to the giveaways! :D YOU ALL ARE AMAZING!!

I need a drum roll please.....And the winner of our FIRST PLACE PRIZE IS....... RUBY MCGILL!! 
Congrats Ruby, enjoy your amazing set of hair clips from APPLESEED BOUTIQUE!
And the second place winner is...drum roll please......DEBORAH MARKS!!!!!!  
Congrats to you too Deborah!!  Enjoy your lovely handmade crochet baby hat from TANYA'S CROCHET!

Deborah, is the winner of this prize!
And the 3rd place winner is......continue the drum roll......Schmidt Christine!!!
Congrats to you also!! I know you'll enjoy your lovely handmade handbag from CROCHET FOR YOUR LIFE!
Schmidt Christine is the winner of this prize!!!

And last of all is the forth place....Michele Sizemore!!!
Congrats Michele, we hope you enjoy your cute little bow from MY LITTLE CUPCAKE!
Michele Sizemore is the winner of this prize!

Thank you to everyone who made this all possible!!  We can't thank you enough for everything, we'll email the winners the email to get their prizes!

Be sure to watch carefully for our December giveaway, we'll be announcing the next fundraiser SOON!!  A little secret, we've got more prizes than ever!!  It's going to be the biggest one yet!!

God bless you all!

P.S. Winners of the prizes, PLEASE EMAIL US your email to get your prizes!

-Kaitlyn, Sam, Alyssa & Rachel
E-mail us @

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