Monday, August 8, 2011

We Can Change The World

Okay here we go.  The song "We Can Change The World"  By " Hawk Nelson.  Has really touched me lately just showing that we, really can change the world as a long as we believe.  With the love of Jesus Christ we can make a difference in each and everyone of these Babies lives.   We can find them homes through prayer.  With all of the combined efforts of Gaurdian Angels, Speaking For The Silent,and Defending The Fatherless, in which all of the blogs I just listed are other teens that have hearts for children.  With each other hand-in-hand together we will change the world on Orphan at a time.   It may be hard at times and sometimes we may feel like we aren't getting anywhere but we have each other to ensure us that we CAN.  With our faith in Christ we can do all things.  So lets change the world. Forever.

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