Friday, August 12, 2011

Precious Yana

I was looking through the babies up for adoption on RR and came across Yana.  Although she is adorable and a precious treasure... what breaks my heart is that she was born in May of this year!!  Which makes her 3 months old!  She is itty bitty!  She wont be approved for adoption until February of next year because she is so tiny.  But now is a great time for her Forever family to start saving money and raising money to bring her home <3  I know that with faith in God and with prayer and donations we can bring her home! Here is what Reece's Rainbow has to say about this precious treasure <3    

Girl, born May 2011

Yana is gorgeous and HEALTHY — she is amazing the doctor and caregivers at her orphanage with her good health!

We were very lucky to get her listed at such a young age — another RR family was at her orphanage and able to take pictures of her.   Because of her age, she will not be cleared for adoption until Feb 2012, so it's the perfect time for a family to begin the adoption process and prepare to bring her home. 

If you would like to donate to Yana click HERE

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