Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tabitha's Turn

Hi everyone!   It's Kaitlyn here.   I was checking on my little angel, Tabitha's page last night & saw she now 320 DOLLARS!!!  Now, that isn't a lot but, need I remind you she started out with only ten dollars!!    I am so so happy for this little beautiful angel!!   Now what would make me even happier is if we found her mommy & daddy!!   Tabitha COULD DIE IF SHE ISN'T ADOPTED SOON!!!  If you feel like God is calling you to this beautiful little angel Don't WAIT ANOTHER MINUTE!   Don't make this little princess starving for love, kindness, care, kisses, hugs & attention.   Hasn't she waited enough?  Watching her play mates leave with their new forever family, just leaving her to wait for the day when hers will come for her.   This adorable baby girl NEEDS you she NEEDS you to come to her rescue & save the day!  You could SAVE HER LIFE!! 
She has never had the little simple things in life that most little girls take forgranted.
She has never had someone pick her up & just give her a hug & tell her stories.  She's never had anyone tell her they mean the world to them & that they love her with all their heart!   She's been alone, waiting, just waiting for the day her forever family finds her & comes to her rescue!    Now I'm going to ask you a question, ARE YOU TABITHA'S MOMMY OR DADDY????   WIll you save her little sweet life!?  

If your like me, you are just sitting there on your seat wishing there was SOME WAY you could save her little inoccent life.  Well, you CAN help save her life! 

# 1 is PRAY: I promise prayer could save this little angels life!  I have no doubt about it!  I mean look, prayer got her 300 more dollars in less than a month!    It can do wonders!  I would love it if you all would just say a special little prayer for Tabitha.  It would mean a lot to me.  :)

# 2 is DONATE: Donating will help her future family bring her home!   It means SO much!   If you'd like to donate to her fund just CLICK HERE  & then click on the little donation button on her page, I think you can take it from there!

#3 is SHARE: Sharing her RR page, this blog, this post, our facebook page will help us out AMAZINGLY!!!  It's been so unreal the response we've gotten with the wonderful folks sharing. 
Please share & follow our blog!

I think that's about all I have to post for now!  Thanks for reading :D  

If you need to ask me ANYTHING AT ALL JUST E-MAIL ME HERE:

God Bless You!!!

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