Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Baby Girl Lizzy

Oh precious Lizzy, I have titled this post "My Baby Girl Lizzy"  Simply because she has a very special place in my heart as do others.  She is like my daughter.  And I really want to find her a Mommy and Daddy to live with.  Cause she certainly deserves one! :)  He is what I know about this blessing :)

Girl, born October 2010
Hazel eyes
Black hair
Character is calm
I love how she has grown! Old picture is from March 2011, and new one is from June. She would so benfit from a family while she is still so young!
Lizzy has Down syndrome and is listed as HIV+; however since she is still so young that may just be that her mother was HIV+

She isn't even 1 yet!  She is still a baby.  Who NEEDS a family.   She is so precious.  And dear to my heart!  And I hope to keep in contact with her forever family when she finds one :)  <3

Here are a bunch more pictures! From oldest to newest!

 Giggle little Girl

 Precious <3


  1. Precious! I love that little one so much and am praying she finds a family!!

  2. Hi Alyssa!
    I sent you an e-mail (the 4girls4christ e-mail address). I didn't know how often you checked that e-mail address. I just wanted to make sure that you knew. : )

    In Christ,


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