Sunday, October 6, 2013

New Babies, Gotcha Trips, and Angel Tree

It seems to me like Kaitlyn and I are constantly writing posts apologizing to you guys for always being absent from the blog.  Personally, I'm not okay with that.  I don't like having to constantly explain why we haven't been advocating like we should have been.  So to prevent this, I have decided to blog more often!  I know, we've said this (Many times.) before, but this time I am actually going to try and stick to it!  Our lives can get hectic but I think I can make it a point to sit down every morning and write out a post! :) 

So!  Why have we been absent this time? Well lets see, we have other personal blogs that we've gotten caught up with, Angel Tree is coming up and we have been trying to focus on that (I will write another post about that later.) Kaitlyn's family has just welcomed another precious baby girl into their family, Victoria Faith.  Victoria has had some different struggles with her first few days of life, so she has been in and out of the hospital, and Kaitlyn has been helping out with her other siblings.  Victoria is doing well now, but lets keep praying for her! :)    

I recently was asked to join a family on their 'Gotcha Trip', they needed an extra set of hands and thought I would be the perfect person to join them!  I'm overjoyed and overly excited that I get this amazing opportunity.  It will be truly eye opening to see the 'other side' of things.  As it is right now I see the advocate end of everything, I see the children's profiles, I see the fundraisers, the other advocates, the homecomings, ect.  so being able to see the kids in person, and see how these kids day to day lives are will be different, and essential to my advocating.   I think that I will have an even stronger drive to find families for these children, once I have seen the other side of things, and the less then good conditions that they are forced to live in. 

This is why Kaitlyn and I have been absent, and we will try to be more active on the blog, and Facebook page!    I mentioned Angel Tree further up in the post, I will make another post explaining what exactly that is, and how others can help! 

Have a blessed day! 
Alyssa & Kaitlyn

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  1. You are both doing so many good things, you are like angels! Congratulations to Kaitlyn and her family for the new baby.
    I kept checking about the give away to see who was winning :)
    Congratulations to all the winners!
    Hugs xx


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