Monday, October 7, 2013

All About Angel Tree

I promised that I would write a post about Angel Tree, and what exactly it is, and what it's purpose is.  

Angle Tree is a fundraising/advocating opportunity that Reece's Rainbow holds every year.  You get to go on to their site, choose a child from their list of Angel Tree Kids, and fundraise for them from November 1st - December 31st.  You are committing to this child, and trying your absolute best to raise $1000 for that child, or better yet find them a family! 

Kaitlyn and I both have signed up for a child.  Kaitlyn is an Angel Tree Warrior for Mick, who is 3 years old and has Down syndrome.  He has the chubbiest cheeks, you really just want to smother him in kisses!   I am an Angel Tree Warrior for George, who is 9 years old and also has Down syndrome.  He is so sweet, and looks like the most precious boy.  He has really gone unnoticed, and I think it's time he had some publicity and attention.   

We have done Angel Tree for 3 years now, and each year we love it more and more! :)   Planning fundraisers, and seeing these kids get families makes us the happiest girls in the world!  It's what we live for!  There will be plenty of fundraisers coming up, that will give you guys an opportunity to donate, and help these sweet boys find families!  

We hope that you all will join with us this Christmas season (Yes, we know that fall isn't over yet. ;) ) and help us reach our goals for these boys!  We love you guys, and we love Mick, and George!  So lets make this a successful Christmas! :) 

Thanks Loves! 

Have a blessed day! 
Alyssa & Kaitlyn

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