Friday, October 18, 2013

Angel Tree, Angel Tree, Angel Tree!

I'm not sure if Chosen To Bless has ever done Angel Tree before, but if we have please remind us! ;)  Angel Tree is such a fun opportunity that comes around each Christmas season, and runs throughout the season.  It is put together by Reece's Rainbow, and so many people love it!

Angel Tree is a fundraising opportunity for the children to help build their grants, and hopefully find them families.  Advocates as well as others get to pick a child who is currently listed on Reece's Rainbow, once you have selected the sweetest babe (Which is nearly impossible, considering they are all sweet!) you are asked to blog about them, and try your best to $1,000.   It seems like an impossible goal, but with friends and family, it's do-able!

Kaitlyn and I have both signed up to be Angel Tree Warriors for two sweet little boys, Mick and George.  Both boys have Down syndrome, also they are extremely adorable, but don't take my word for it....Have a look for yourself!

They're cute right?  We thought so too! :)   So as we told you above we have the over all goal to raise $1,000 for each of these boys, by December 31st using whatever fundraising ideas we can come up with!  So of course we will do the usual giveaway, like always, but we want to here from you guys and see what ideas you all can come up with!  We've tried an auction before, it didn't turn out to well, but I think we would be willing to give it another go!  We have also done a "Cutest Kid" contest which we had a pretty good outcome from, so we could do one of those again.  But we are always open to knew ideas, we know you all are probably bored from our constant giveaways, please share your ideas with us! :) 

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