Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Presley Vs Leukemia

God has blessed me with a mothers heart, at a young age.  I believe that it helps me advocate for these kids, cause I love them as if they were my own.  But in some cases, it breaks my heart.  There is a sweet boy, beautiful beyond words, cutest smile, just waiting to be loved by a mommy and daddy.  This little boys name is Presley.  Presley turned 4 years old in March.  You're reading this thinking wheres the catch?  Why is your heart breaking?  Whats wrong?

Presley has Leukemia.  Leukemia is a type of cancer,  Presley isn't getting treatment for this, and he wont until he has a family that can bring him to the U.S.   I have seen quite a few kids recently whom are fighting the battle, of Leukemia.  It takes a huge toll on the kids, and that is with proper care treatment, and most of all a family.  These kids have a Mommy, a daddy, and siblings, to love on them. Not to mention the aunts and uncles that come to visit and love on them as well.  Presley doesn't have any of that.

He isn't even getting treatment for this because I'm supposing the orphanage wont pay for it.  In my eyes the reason doesn't really matter, this little boy is sick, he isn't getting any better, he needs out.  So today I ask that you pray for Presley, you pray for his family, and you pray that his pain is eased until his mommy and daddy come for him.  Presley should not have to suffer like this.  Share Presley today, make him known to the world!

Visit Presley's profile here --->

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