Friday, October 12, 2012

Orphan Of The Day #4

Hey Hey guys!  It's Alyssa here, Kaitlyn wasn't able to do the "Orphan Of The Day" post so I told her I would do it!  The two cuties that I have to show you guys today are two kids that have the best smiles!

 I would like you to meet Anna, she has the best smile!  I'm VERY shocked that she STILL doesn't have a family! :)  Could Anna be your daughter?

Girl, born June 2002
Eyes: Green
Hair: blond
Character: sociable, emotional
Anna is a sweet 10 year old girl who is waiting for a forever family.  We are hoping for more pics and medical info, but she seems as though she was either burned in a fire or some other accident.

Now for out little boy of the day I have Theodore :) Look at his contagious smile! 
Boy, born May 2000
Diagnosis: congenital anomaly of brain development in form of microcephaly with severe lag in development of psychological, speech and motor development, myopathic syndrome

Additional medical information and social history available for potential families. Families must be home study approved to commit to Tyson.

So here are your Orphans Of The Day!  Lets hope I did this right!  Kaitlyn will be back soon to do this for you guys! :)  It was a pleasure to jump in and help out! 

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