Sunday, August 19, 2012

Her Name Is Calli

So remember the other day when I asked you guys to go through & pick a child on Reece's Rainbow for my idea?  Well guess what?!  I decided on a child!  Her name is Calli, she is probably one of the cutest things ever.   She turned 2 years old in March, and has Down syndrome.  Meet Calli!

Like I said, she is adorable!  Anywho, now that you're in love with her I shall share my idea with you!  So Miss Calli has $0.00 in her grant fund.  I feel that that $0.00 needs to be changed to $1,000.00.  Do you agree?  Here's the deal for every $50 dollars that is donated someone will get pied in the face!  I will find people who are willing to be pied in the face for Calli.  I will ask those who want to be pied for Calli to record themselves being pied in the face, I will then share the video with you guys!  Sounds entertaining huh? So who wants to pied for Calli first?  Any takers?  Comment on this blog post OR you can email us at  if you want to be pied for Calli!

Maybe I will even jump in and let my little brothers pie me in the face!  Now mind you I have 6 younger brothers so that could be very entertaining!   If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask! :)

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