Saturday, August 25, 2012

Give A Chance

Reece's Rainbow is doing something a little more different this year with their "Angel Tree".   They're giving three of the children in different categories of "Other Angels" and "HIV+"

That means the little precious girl I (Kaitlyn) talk about all the time will finally have a shot at getting on the Angel Tree this year!

Her voting is going on from now till the 30th.   That's barely four days!

Could you please give "my" itty  bitty Lina a chance?  Will you please please vote for her?

She needs us.  She could really use this chance.  

Here's how you vote!  
Click the link right here ---->
When you're there, go find the picture of Lina that is like the one here at the bottom in the post.  Look above the photo and hit "VOTE" 

And then, just like that, you've made a BIG difference in this little angels life. <3  And you've given her a real chance. 
Little Lina baby.  She's an orphan with many disabilities.  Her mama left her in the hospital when she was born a premature baby.  VOTE FOR HER, please! <3

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