Friday, December 6, 2013

New Chosen To Bless Team Member!

Some of you may have seen our Facebook post last night.  We will be making some big changes to the blog, and we think that you all will be very excited with the newest "change"!

For a while now Kaitlyn and I have discussed adding a new team member to Chosen To Bless, but we just didn't seem to find the right person.  Well we prayed about it, a lot, and figured that God would bring us the right person in His perfect timing!  Let me just say that God is always faithful, always, even in our darkest hour, even when we feel burnt out, He is always faithful!   God recently brought the person that Kaitlyn and I had been praying for, into our lives.  We both knew from the beginning, when we very first met this sweet girl, that she was a God send.  

We were hesitant for a while, afraid that if we added her to the team, and things went wrong we would have to change everything about the blog again.  But as we got to know this sweet girl, more and more, we realized that she is exactly like Kaitlyn and I, and that she has the same passion and love for orphans as us.  Last night we decided it was time that we obeyed God, and ask this sweet girl if she would like to join our team!  We were ecstatic when this sweet girl said "Yes!"  she was so filled with joy and so blessed, but I think that Kaitlyn and I have been more blessed by her, and her sweet heart, in the short time we have been friends!  

I think this is the part where I am supposed to tell you guys, who this sweet girl is, but I'm not going to. Mean, I know. ;)   I will let her write her own post, and introduce herself.  Because I want you guys, our trusty followers, to experience just how sweet she is.  I guarantee that you guys will love her, and I know that she will continue to be a blessing to Kaitlyn, and I , but also the families we fundraise for. :) 

So please keep checking back, hopefully in the next day or two she will have a post up!  Lets welcome her to Chosen To Bless with lots of love! :) 

As always we love you guys, and are really thankful for your support! 
Have a blessed day! 

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