Saturday, July 7, 2012

June Giveaway WINNERS!

Sorry for the delay everyone, we've all been pretty busy this summer, but now we're finally ready to announce our giveaway winners! 

Rosanne F-Amazon Gift Card
Rachel G-Vision Forum Gift Certificate
Karen P- Cherry wooden Engraved Plague
Sarah P-Tote Bag
Carin V- Tickets to the Creation Museum
Susanna M-Needlework Book
Saundra B-Rainbow Tutu
Naomi H-Silpada Gift Card
Hannah K-Square Wooden Stacker Toy
Evelyn G-Doll Hat and Poncho
Sabrina M-Paracord Keychains
Jennifer S-Handmade Soap
Carla R-Dandelion Dust Earrings
Michelle S-Green Globe Earrings
Erika R-Gold Coin Earrings
Cescily G-Bottle Cap Necklace
Megan G- Pink Knitted Hat
Erika R-Red and White Knitted Hat
Rachel G-Bow

Great job, everyone! We need everyone to email your address to so we can get your prize to you. 

Thanks to everyone who  donated to help the Sutton's bring their son home! They just got their travels dates and are going to meet him in THREE weeks! 

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