Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Precious Child Named Archie!

As all of you know we 4 girls are Prayer Warriors for Archie, an orphan with Down syndrome.  Well Archies profile was updated recently & in big red letters these are the new words on his profile: ***FACING TRANSFER SOON***  .  Now mind you Archie just turned 4 years old.  So this means he will spend the rest of his life in an adult mental institution! D:  That is no place for a 4 year old!  So I come crying to you fulling know that there are at least 2 wonderful families out there that wish to adopt Archie & bring him home but don't have the money.  PLEASE DONATE TO ARCHIES FUND!!  It's critical that we save Archie.  He cannot regress in an Adult Mental Institute.  Here is a video of our sweet Archie.  Can you picture this face living in a place so horrible?!

Archie is oh so sweet & needs a forever momma of his own!  So please, someone save this cutie!  He needs you! :)  Remember every time you buy a piece of jewelry from our SHOP it goes towards Archie.  So help this boy!  Please...  Help him.

Here is the link to his profile.  Help him.  Please.

His adoption fund sits at $442,  how high can we get it?  If all of our followers donated $1 each his fund would be over $6,000.  Can we do it?  Yes, this is a challenge to ALL of our followers.  Will you except the challenge to save a little boys life?

Save him.

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  1. Thank You! I just love Archie so much!I pray the funding will come in for him, that smile should not be hidden in an institute, it needs to be shared with the world. Laura Welchert


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