Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Helping the Least of These-BLOG Banners

The four of us have been incredibly blessed with amazing friends who not only support us in what we do, but they too make a differences doing things like we do.  One of those amazing friends would be a girl that Sam & Rachel are extremely close with, Bree.  I've (Kaitlyn) never actually met Bree in person but like I said, Sam & Rachel have. I've known her for a while now & it's been a blessing!  She's the reason my blog, Saving the Sunshine Babies exists.   During the time of "feeling" like God was calling me to help His children, I found Bree's blog Helping the Least of These.  Bree & I are close in age.  I was absolutely blown away with her incredible love for these children! At the time she was advocating for a gorgeous little orphan, Teri-Lynn.  She inspired me to create a blog to advocate for orphans.  This girl gives those orphans her all!  By making beautiful jewelry & selling it on Esty giving 50 percent of all of her profit to orphans with Down syndrome.  And the items she sells are in a word, stunning.  No joke.  It's a must see!

Something new Bree has started is banner making!!  I'm super excited to share with you all her banners that are at an OUTSTANDING price that ranges from $5-$10  This is a more then GREAT price, trust me!  I've searched for a better deal & it doesn't exist!   And if I'm right, all the money will go towards the orphans with Down syndrome!!  What a great cause!   Now only will you get a promised to be incredible banner but this is a personalized banner, that YOU can customize yourself & that she'll make for you!  There are so many cute banners!  Let me show you a few...

Bree designed/made this banner herself, just one of the many beautiful banners!  This one is a personal favorite of mine!  She really puts thought into her work & the colors are outstanding. :)

Here are the "Advanced Banners" that would cost you $10, I believe but as you can tell it's well worth every penny!

If you've got a sports blog, or you know a boy that loves sports then the first example is a great offer!  The second couldn't be more pretty for girls everywhere!  

Hands down I would highly suggest you go to Bree's blog & purchase a banner today!  It's for a great cause & done by one of the most caring & kindhearted young woman I know. 

To view Bree's blog, "Helping the Least of These" & to take a closer look at more fantastic banners! 

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  1. These are great banners, and I am so happy to see women joining forces in order to spread His word. The four of you are inspirations, and the fact you haven't met each other all in person is an even better example of faith joining us all as brothers and sisters. I will check out Bree's blog!


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