Thursday, December 1, 2011

Raising Doug's Fund!

So we are going to try a little something new!  We have an item, it is a Christmas wreath.  It is beautiful!  & we are going to auction it off!  :)  This item was donated to us by Country Crafts !  Now the selling price on her page is $25.  So that is what the bid will start at.  When you want to place your bid just comment on the post  then donate the money into the chip in!  The person with the highest bid will win this!  You can continue to bid higher, until you want to stop!  Let's see how well this works! Once the highest bidder is chosen I will have you email us @ so we can have your address :)  Share.Bid.Comment!
Here is the wreath :) 


- 4Girls4Christ Team.

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