Sunday, June 3, 2012

Reaching Out

If you've read my past blog posts, or you've seen some of the Rainbow of Hope-4Girls4Christ, photo's on Facebook, you've probably noticed that our team is against abortion, & all for adoption!  It's funny though.  When I (Kaitlyn) first started this blog with Sam, Rachel & Alyssa, I looked at adoption as the most cruel thing you could ever possibly do to your child.  I mean, how could you give that little bundle of joy away?  Knowing that you'll never know how they grew up, what was their first words,  their favorite foods, their special little personality.  And after that the children we raise money & awareness for, orphans with Down syndrome in foreign countries get thrown in an ADULT MENTAL INSTITUTION at just age 5 on average.  That was the very unthinkable, & it still is. Just because God made one child a little "extra special" then the rest of us doesn't mean we throw them into an orphanage.  And now more & more parents are literally, throwing their babies away! :(  (I'll be talking more about this in a moment)
After learning about abortion a few years ago, it suddenly all made since.  Adoption isn't such a bad thing at all.  It's a wonderful thing!  The mother will get to hold her baby, meet him or her & see what he or she looks like.  She'll be able to watch it move & be alive!  And then & there get the choice to give her baby away, or keep the blessing to herself.
Sadly, in some foreign countries the mother has no choice but to give their Down Right Perfect baby away to the orphanage.  I'm not a mother, & I still can't even imagine the pain of that process.  Pure heartbreak.
The good news here is that this baby gets a beautiful second chance!  To live, to laugh, to feel loved! They might get adopted!  Into the arms of someone whom has always prayed of being blessed with a baby.  
This second chance has happened to 479  Down syndrome children, JUST THROUGH Reece's Rainbow over the last four years!  That's 479 lives that were truly saved & given a second chance!  How outstanding!! They are all in the arms of someone who loves them now. Gives them the special care & attention they need. And if that's not awesome, I'm not sure what it! :D

When I talk about abortion I'm not out to get anyone.  I'm not looking to start a fight.  To "attack" anyone. Or make them feel "forced".  I'm simply doing the God given desire I have to make a difference & to save His children.  The small ways I can.  I realize I'm "just" a sixteen year olf girl, &some people think I don't think I have a clue about what I'm saying, & yeah I've heard it all before.  And I know.  I know I've never been through what a woman whose had an abortion has, or a mother with an adoption.  But I do realize one thing.  It's a true murder in disguise in our world today.  I don't want to see another life end before it even begins in our world.  God made that little baby for a reason, he or she has a big purpose.  And I believe one of my purposes is to be right here, right now.  Speaking from my heart & the truth.  This post might reach a million men & women's hearts, or it could reach ten.  I don't know. Only God does, & I'm praying that with Him I will be able to continue to serve & make a change in the simple ways I can.  I'm "young" person with a big mission but my God is much bigger! :) 

Thanks for stopping by the Rainbow of Hope-4Girls4Christ blog today & for taking your time & effort to read my post.  Your support means the world to me.  I can be so afraid of speaking my mind & my feelings to the rest of the world.  But if I don't then who will?  Right? ;)   

I ask that you could please say a prayer for those whom are struggling with the same things I mentioned in the post, & that God will guide & them those men & women to the right way of His plan & purpose.  Also remember to pray for all the many little orphans with & without Down syndrome.  They certainly could use your prayers.  

Please *SHARE* this post with your friends & family through email, Facebook, Twitter, any other social media website I left out of there.   Feel free to post it on your blog as well.  The point & goal here is to reach as many people as possible to help make a change.  


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  1. Today is the first time that the Lord has brought me to your blog and let me read about you four beautiful messenger's of His word.. I was reading this particular post before I knew your ages, and I had no idea that you were so young... what a gift that the Lord has given you.. We adopted our son when he was 9 and he came from a very abusive home right here in the same county I live in... There is so much that people do not know or understand about adoption, like the fact that there are sooo many older kids out there that need a home, and have come from situations that adults would struggle with.. I absolutely love that you are promoting adoption as an alternative to abortion and that you are so blessed by God with the ability to speak for the kids who can't speak for themselves... I pray that the seeds that you plant with your words, spread and grow throughout the world.. you are all a blessing from God, I pray you are blessed as well...


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