Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Give Away Is Over!

The Give away ended on the 27th! :)  We have picked our winners!  Before I tell you the winners I would like to apologize for being late on picking the winners!  On Monday morning I (Alyssa) woke up and found out that my little sister had passed away while still in my moms tummy.  She was due today :'(  I am so sorry for being late!

And now I will tell you our winners! Drum roll please!!

Robert Burns is the winner of the baby hat!!!! :)  Congratulations!  You should have received an email from us telling you who to contact for your prize!  Thank you for helping us get these precious babies one step closer to home!

And now the winner of the necklace is!!  Drum roll!!!!!!

D S Gauntlett!!!!  Congrats on winning the necklace!  You should have also Received an email!! :)

 Thank you to everyone who donated and helped us help the Rogers family Bring Clare and Oscar home! :)

God Bless Everyone!

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