Sunday, May 15, 2011

So...I think that I should probably start my first blog post on why it's SO important to help the orphans with Down Syndrome.

When the kids with Down Syndrome are 4-7 they are sent to institutions where they are TIED to there beds all day long! This is a video of what its like in an institution... 

Any of the children on Reece's Rainbow can end up having a life like this if we do not help!

Even if you can't adopt, you can help.

So, how can you help?

PRAY! Praying helps SO much! God is amazing, and miracles DO happen. Quite often actually. I have seen a few amazing ones! Here is part of my blog post on my blog All God's Children ....

"The little girl I was a warrior for before Anastasia is getting adopted! My friend Alyssa was a warrior for a little girl named Christine and she ALSO is being adopted! That's not all... :) My aunt is advocating for a little boy Christopher and a little girl Macie. Before Macie she was advocating for Kathleen who is going to be adopted too!! Prayers have been answered in amazing ways!" 

See??? Prayer helps!! :D

Also if you can donate that would help so much as well. Even if you can only donate a little at a time!

And of course tell your family and friends about how THEY can help!


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