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Meet sweet little Fern!  She's held a special place in my (Kaitlyn) heart since the day I saw her listed on Reece's Rainbow.  There is something about her that is just SO special to me.  
She's 3 and a half years old and doesn't know how to walk yet, but loves attention and giggling. 
She deserves a forever family that will give her the love she needs to grow into a glowing little girl. 
I am Fern's official Guardian Angel. 
Read more and/or donate to Fern's adoption grant using the link below!

Mr.Layton your picture makes me smile instantly, and I honestly wonder what might have been happening when your photo was snapped?  You look a little confused, but extremely cute. :)  Your profile says you are cheerful, lively, and love to laugh! ( I bet you have the best laugh!) You can feed yourself, brush your teeth, dress/undress like a big boy.  You love outside activities such as running, jumping,and climbing, which means you are all boy! ;)  You have about 1000 words in your vocabulary, you can speak clearly, and fluently, and like simple songs. :) 

If you would like to learn more about Layton, please use the following link:

Oh, sweet, Livvy I have to start your "about me" off by saying that at the very end of your profile it says "She is restless, and brave."  Which makes me giggle, and think that you are adventurous, and don't like to sit still. ;)  You like to dance, and clap your hands to music, you can't speak yet, but you understand what is said to you.  Your profile says you are kind, and help the younger children, and the teachers are quick to encourage you. 

To learn more about Olivia, please use the following link:

Poppy is a year old, and was born with Down syndrome.  She likes to babble, has good hearing, can smile if being teased, and will also dance with her hands and feet. :)   She is the sweetest little babe, who really just needs a family.  She is still young, and early intervention would be great for her!  So, is Poppy your daughter? :) 

To learn more about Poppy, please use the following link:

Oh gracious! Where do I begin?  When I saw Talia's photograph, I fell in love faster than I ever have before with a child I've advocated for.  I knew instantly that she was one I was suppose to advocate for and in the same five minutes of seeing her photo I signed up to become her Guardian Angel.  I was never so sure it was the right to do!  Talia is medically fragile, which could be the reason I'm so close to her.  I have a passion for the "medically fragile" little ones.  
She's literally the size of a doll baby and is absolutely precious! She needs a kind, loving home with her forever family soon!  Everyday I worry about the children I advocate for, but I worry a little more for her. She's so small and has so little.  Are you Talia's forever family? 
Read more information and.or donate to her adoption grant using the link below:

I (Kaitlyn) am Joe's official Guardian Angel.   When I saw Joe's photograph, it was instant love.
I prayed for days, hoping that God would lead my heart to his sweet boy, if He wanted me to take on a third child to advocate for. I decided, finally, that I couldn't say no to someone as precious and helpless as Joey.
Before I could make the announcement of adding him into my life, I got news that one of the children I was advocating for had found her forever family, that would be pretty girl, Vera. <3
Within a few days time I discovered the most heartbreaking discovery that my second girl, Peggy was no longer adoptable. :'(  (Yes, I cried for days and can easily cry about it now.)
Through all the commotion, there stood Joe.  A precious Asian doll baby, awaiting.  
The answer was so clear now, God opened all doors for me to focus on Joe. 
It was hard to "move on", Peggy was a child that I felt and instant connection with and fell in love with her to the point I would have adopted her if I were able, but life doesn't stop. If God opened a door and a chance for me to bless another child, I will answer his call and gladly accept his answer and go with his plan. 
I will never know the answers to everything God does, no one will, but I believe he has a perfect reason for everything that happens that we just can't fathom.

I've started a personal advocating blog recently, and Joe is the shining star and focus of it all! 
I've also created a little group called TEAM JOE!  If you have any sort of way that you can share Joe to your friends, family, strangers and anyone you can possibly think of, PLEASE CLICK HERE and join the team!  I would love for you to be a part of Joe's journey and one day, he'll know you helped shout for him, so please get in on how you can start #ShoutingforJoe!

Visit my blog to learn MUCH more about Joe!

Twitter: @TeamJoeShouts

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